Rent to own a home in windsor Ontario

Is your Bruised Credit or Lack of Down payment stopping you from buying your own Home?


Is Rent to Own for you?

The Live Rent Own program is meant for the following:

  • People with Bruised/No Credit.
  • People with minimal Down Payment Saved.
  • People who are Divorced/Single Parent.
  • People who are New to Canada.
  • People who are looking for another option to become a home owner when banks turn you away.

What is Rent to Own and How can it help you?

When the banks turn you away due to your current financial situation, Rent to Own allows you to choose the home you would like to live in first as a Renter building up your down payment (for 1-3 years pending on your situation) while our Credit and Mortgage team works to repair your credit and keep you on track to qualify for your own mortgage at the end of the term to buy the property from us.

We aim to get you into your own home in Windsor Ontario within 60 days.

Some of the terms and concepts that you should familiarize yourself with before you decide if Renting to Own your Home is the right fit and/or option for you or not:

  • Initial Option Credits Consideration - This is the initial deposit money that you saved towards the purchase of your home which is 2-3% of the purchase price or minimum ($10,000).
  • Monthly Option Credits - These are the additional monthly Option payments that are added on top of the monthly Rent payments to help accumulate enough down payment when you qualify to purchase the home at the end of the Rent to Own term.
  • Fair Market Rent - typical monthly rent payments in the area.
  • Commitment Fee Credit - This is a $1000 fee we collect if you qualify and we take you into the program as Tenant Buyers (Gets applied towards your option at the end of the Rent to Own term when you successfully qualify).
  • Option Credits - These credits (Initial/monthly) are used in the program to help you save towards the 8-10% down payment requirement at the end of the Rent to Own term, so that you can get a mortgage and purchase the home from us.
  • Credit Repair/Re-establishment - This is where our mortgage and credit team work with you to understand your situation and uniquely tailor a plan for you and your family to follow to be able to qualify and purchase your home in 2 to 3 years.

Please take a look at our Rent to Own process overview page for a simplified step by step guide HERE.

Qualification Requirements for RTO

  1. Complete the Questionnaire Form - HERE.
  2. Be completely discharged from Bankruptcy, Collections or Proposal.
  3. Have proof of some money saved towards home purchase (3% of purchase price or minimum $10,000).
  4. Meet with our credit/mortgage team to discuss purchase options.
  5. Be committed to the Live, Rent, Own Credit repair/re-establishment program.
  6. Understand the process here: Rent to Own PROCESS.
  7. Understanding your "WHY?" (Why do you want to qualify for our program? and What does home ownership mean to you?)

Contact us below with any questions that you may have, however, you may be able to find answers to common questions on our F.A.Q.-Page.