Rent to own strategy for Mortgage agents


Like many other businesses, you likely spend a lot of money on marketing and generating leads for your services. Coming across a potential client that you just can't seem to qualify for a mortgage with any of the top tier lenders no matter what you do because the client is in a rough patch in life and they aren't comfortable with taking a high interest rate private loan to get into a home to close the deal.

Instead of letting this lead go and throwing marketing money out the window, we can be your other option to keep your commission from this lead and also make a 2nd commission from one client (ask us how!).


What we do...

We are an alternative lending solution for your Mortgage business where we help your clients who couldn't qualify for their own "A Lender" mortgage today into their own home now as tenants first via a home sponsor who will be on title; We then prepare them with our individually tailored credit repair/re-establishment program to help qualify them so that they can purchase the home from the sponsor within 1 to 3 years using you as their broker.

This is why we are otherwise known as "Deal Savers".


Benefits for Mortgage Brokers:

  • Benefit from 2 Mortgage Commissions on 1 Deal (1 up front from our investor/home sponsor, and the other at the end of the RTO for your initial client).
  • You will look like a hero to your clients instead of turning them away.
  • Protect and Expand your referral base.
  • Save your hard spent marketing dollars.
  • Save your Commission.
  • Take part in a WIN-WIN-WIN deal and help a family into their own home.

The process to success

Our credit team will work with clients throughout the Rent to Own term to ensure they follow our action plan to get them qualified for their own mortgage in 1 to 3 years.

The credit team is responsible for:

  1. Initial Analysis - A thorough understanding of where the client is today and what plans (with timelines) need to be in place to get them to where they need to be in the future to qualify. It will provide a crash course on "What credit is" and what increases/decreases credit. It will include a future purchase price in which they will need to qualify for as well as what the minimum required down-payment will be. 
  2. Quarterly Accountability - A follow up with the client to ensure they are sticking to the plan discussed.
  3. Annual Check up - This is where we do a more in depth check up with the client where we pull their credit report with them to make sure everything is going as planned.
  4. Secure Mortgage Financing - 6 months prior to the end of the rent to own term, this is when our team will get the ball rolling in prep for financing.

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