Real Estate Rent to Own for Investors

Real Estate is a proven asset class for the wealthy in Canada where there are plenty of opportunities to grow your money.

By Investing in our Live, Rent, Own program, you can earn cash flow, benefit from equity appreciation and mortgage pay down with a built in exit strategy up front all while helping others into a home.


Investment overview

As an investor in our deals, you will qualify for the First Mortgage with a 20% down payment and go on title of the purchased property, as well as cover the Land Transfer Tax and closing costs (which will all be returned back to you before any profit is split)

The property will be bought out in 1-3 years by a Qualified Tenant-Buyer in our program with built in market appreciation and in the meantime earning you cash-flow each month as well as having the mortgage paid down building equity.

The type of homes we look for are single family homes with 3+ Beds and 1.5+ Baths in a desirable area near schools, shopping centers and transportation making it easier for resale to recoup funds if the downside were to occur; and since the Tenant Buyers will be choosing their own home to live in, they will be more inclined to take better care of the property with a home owner mindset. Tenant Buyers will also be responsible for all repairs and maintenance; However we do not pursue properties that turn up with major repairs in the inspection.

We have a thorough qualification process for tenant buyers to ensure their successful purchase of the property at the end of the rent to own term and do not take on tenants who do not want to help us help themselves meet their end goal of becoming a home owner, we coach them to the finish line to get them qualifying for their own mortgage to buy the property from you.

Benefits for Investors

For Investors who fund homes for our Tenant-Buyers, there are exciting benefits for you:

  • We do all the work (from finding qualified tenant buyers and properties and tracking follow ups and rent collection for you).
  • Monthly Cash-flow.
  • Higher Quality Tenants than traditional rentals.
  • An Investment backed by Physical Real Estate.
  • Exit strategy is planned up front.
  • You profit from the difference between what you purchase the property at today to when you sell it in the future.
  • Profit from the mortgage pay down during Rent to Own term (1-3 years).
  • Together we create a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario by helping individuals and families into their own homes, while growing your investment.
  • Interest paid on borrowed money to earn income is tax deductible in Canada.

Investor questionnaire form

If you are interested in learning more about our Live, Rent, Own program and/or would like us to get in contact with you to discuss further opportunities, please fill out and submit the questionnaire below:

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