Who we are

Our team at Live Rent Own is a Canadian based company of Real Estate investors out of London, Ontario Canada who are dedicated to working with people and families across Canada that are in all sorts of financial and/or life situations to help them realize their goal of becoming a home owner; We believe that regardless of what life throws at you...dedicated, hard working individuals and families deserve to become home owners. 

We will find a creative solution tailored to your goals and show you what is possible!

Our Live Rent Own program is meant to assist hard working individuals get into a home sooner than what they thought is possible today regardless of bruised credit, a low down-payment saved, new to Canada, self-employed, Single or Divorced parents with special housing needs.

We work with clients and help them (re)-establish and repair their credit as well as help accumulate money towards a future down payment with a forced savings option to obtain and successfully qualify for their own mortgage to get into their own home within 60 days.

The Live, Rent, Own Mission

To find Creative Solutions to Home Ownership by helping guide Renters to become Home Owners.


Disclaimer: We are not real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountants or lawyers. We are real estate investors, who contract out and engage the services of these licensed professionals as needed throughout the entire Rent to Own program.