Tenant Buyers

In life, things happen, your circumstances change and we understand that! Here at Live, Rent, Own, we help turn Tenants into home buyers, allowing them to move into a home of their choice early on when they fail to qualify for traditional financing today. We prepare our clients to successfully obtain their own mortgage to buy the home in the future at a negotiable locked in purchase price today even when market values go up in your favor!

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We work with those who want to get their money into the HOT Canadian Real Estate markets making more money, but don't necessarily have the know how or want the hands on and/or paper work duties associated with Real Estate investments. We Look for and Create Win-Win Deals that bring you better returns than what you are getting with other investment vehicles and the best part is that the investment is backed by a physical real estate asset where you are on title and hold the deed!

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Mortgage Agents

To Mortgage Agents we are client and deal savers; we are an additional tool for your Mortgage brokering business.

When you have client leads who have gone far into the home buying process, but just can't seem to qualify for an "A" or "B" lender loan due to life's circumstances and the client isn't comfortable with a high rate private loan to get into a home today....the Deal falls short.

Our Rent to Own program can be the Solution for your clients who want to get into a home today; This will allow us to work with them to better their situation to qualify for a Mortgage with you in the Future, keeping your customers happy and growing your referral base. Find out how you can get two broker commissions per referral!

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